Blueface and Chrissy Rock s*x tape goes viral on Twitter and Reddit after full links leaked

At the time, Christian claimed that the rapper attacked his father and used his Instagram Stories to post that “the things in the family are not right.”

Although the pair appeared to be back two weeks later, an intimate video of the hip-hop entertainer leaked out. The leak caused a lot of hiccups between them and it looked like it was all this time around. At least they claim this now. The most toxic relationship in the history of hip-hop collaboration may have ended. So let’s find out what happened between them.

Private videos of Christian rock and blueface have gone viral.

The viral video of Christian rock and Blue Face’s sexual encounter has received a lot of tweets on Twitter. There are no videos on the Blueface page.

The second film also caught the attention of Twitter, although this time it was shot in a much darker setting. There are two people you can hear moaning about but you can’t make out who they are.

According to this Twitter post, the viral video was posted via Chrisian’s Instagram story. Both these videos are not available on his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

did they break On Monday, Oct. 3, just hours after the Rainy Days singer opened up on Twitter about her relationship with Lovas, the leaked photos went viral. He wrote on Twitter:

Christian Rock and Blueface were last seen together at Zeus Network and Daniel’s leather party and runway show at New York Fashion Week two weeks ago. They walked the trail together in huge, gorgeous blue fur coats. Christian complemented her tight shorts with a dark blue short shirt that barely covered her dress. At the end of the walk the two exchanged a bright kiss.

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