(Leaked) photos of Wisconsin women’s volleyball team originated from player’s phone

Explicit photos of the Wisconsin’s women’s volleyball team leaked online last week, which prompted a police investigation, had reportedly originated from a player’s phone.

The University of Wisconsin released a statement on Oct. 19 confirming that “private photos” of the Badgers’ women’s volleyball team had been circulating online “without consent,” prompting an investigation by the UW-Madison Police Department into “multiple crimes.”

Reports at the time indicated that photos were taken in the locker room following Wisconsin’s Big Ten title victory in December 2021.

A report previously stated that photos originated from one of the players’ phones, a fact UWPD Executive Director of Communications Marc Lovicott confirmed to Fox News Digital on Thursday.

“The focus of our investigation is not on any of the student athletes,” Lovicott said in an email.

The university’s statement last week stated that photos and video, which were “never intended to be shared publicly,” were being posted on the internet, prompting players to contact the police.

“The unauthorized sharing is a significant and wrongful invasion of the student-athletes’ privacy, including potential violations of university policies and criminal statutes,” the statement read.

“UWPD is investigating multiple crimes, including sharing sensitive photos without consent. UWPD is not investigating the volleyball student-athletes for wrongdoing in this matter. Our top priority is supporting our student-athletes and we are providing them with the appropriate services and resources.”

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