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Trending Photos Drake bought Chanel bags for strippers in MiamiIn another piece of news, although Gerard Pique shocked fans when he announced his retirement last Thursday, the 35-year-old realized just how important he is in the Barcelona squad this season.

Pique has been relegated to fifth full-back under coach Xavi Hernandez. His poor performance in some games also led to boos from fans while he was heavily criticized by the media.

Amid speculation that the club wants to part ways with the veteran defender, he has decided to end things on his own terms, announcing his retirement.Pique played his final home game at Barcelona against Almería on Saturday. However, it is not yet clear if he is there. He fought Osasuna tonight. In any case, the 35-year-old will not be an active footballer tomorrow. According to journalist Cek Rodriguez, Piqué will leave Barcelona with a complete breakdown in his relationship with club president Joao Laporta.

Barcelona’s chief executive has repeatedly hinted that some players are unwilling to take a summer wage cut to help the club, and appears to be referring to Pique and Sergio Busquets. Press conference after announcing his retirement, which Pique denied, Olmani was also said to be upset, and thinks he is a “liar” like Xavi because his manager is “insensitive”.

Pique’s illustrious career will end with the end of his relationship with Laporta, the German and Xavi. The centre-back didn’t hesitate to jump in as he took to the pitch to question Gil Manzano about his decision to send in Robert Lewandowski. After the first half against Osasuna. He may not have liked his decision to ignore Marcos Alonso’s foul on Osasuna. Because he left voluntarily because of his complaints. This meant he was not allowed to sit on the bench in the second half. The referee didn’t want to hear anything from the Barcelona player, but Piquet chased him down the tunnel. It’s not the first time the Catalan has faced the referee. In the match against Real Madrid in April 2021, Pique followed Guy Manzano’s decision not to add injury time.

As on Tuesday, the center back did not play that day despite being on the bench, but that did not stop him from questioning the referee. We must not forget that Tuesday is Pique’s last game in La Liga, Santander. The central defender announced last week that he was hanging up his boots.

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