VIDEO CCTV Rapper Edot Baby DEATH VIDEO, Cause Of Death, Last Moments Before Death – Once again, the rapper steals all the attention from social media. The rapper has once again disappointed fans mourning his death. It all started with unprecedented rumors about the famous New York rapper Edot Baby. On the night of Thursday, November 3, 2022, there were rumors that the rapper died and his fans panicked, but many considered this news to be fake and others want you not to believe this news.

Rapper Edot Baby Death Video

According to them, it was a prank but their hopes ended after this hearsay turned out to be the real one. Numerous reports of the demise of the teen surfaced with evidence. Those who were thinking initially this news to be false got shattered after this revelation and desire to know the reason for the death of the teen rapper. There are several websites that are sharing different reasons for his demise. Some state that he killed himself and some state that someone else killed him. The exact confirmation of the details and the real reason still have not come out.

Rapper Edot Baby Death Reason

Edot Baby was just 17 years old when he passed away. The real name of this teen rapper was Edward Johnson. The late rapper was originally from Sugar Hill which is a small neighbourhood located in Harlem, in the city of New York. Those who don’t the exact location of Sugar Hill. It is a neighbourhood between the Rucker Park of Harlem and Broadway McDonald. This deceased teen started his career in rapping in the year 2020.

What Happened With Rapper Edot Baby?

His fans are now sad about his death and those who are hearing his name for the first time are still having sympathy for his family as he was just 17 years old. In the spite of confirmation of the sad passing of Edward Johnson, the exact reason still need to be come out. There are many reports available on the Internet which are stating that he passed away after shooting himself. But now several videos surfaced on the web which are stated to be from before the death of Edot.

One more report stated that a self-inflicted injury to the head was found as the reason for the demise of the rapper. He was instantly admitted to the hospital. There are some reports stating that he died due to an overdose of drugs. We need to wait for the official confirmation of this and one more thing is that the videos which are claiming to be the last video of him before his demise are just clickbait. We are waiting for the official information related to the cause of his death till then be with us.

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