Watch: House of the dragon episode 10 s01e10 leaked reddit – This weekend, HBO released new images from the first season finale of Dragon House, which airs on Sunday, September 8. It looks like the Battle of the Iron Throne is going to be even uglier than it is now. The ending seems to misunderstand the fact that Rhaenyra and Daemon, called heirs of King Visery and rulers of the Seven Kingdoms, join the battle after learning of the death of their father and wife Allicent (from Father Otto) with the help of King Hightower. Hearing the gossip of the dying, he made his son Aegon king in the fields.

The gallery image above shows Rhaenyra and his children, as well as Ser Eric, Daemon and Rhaenys. The latter appears solemnly in Aegon’s Ascension of episode 9 (read the full summary). Don’t forget, in this week’s episode we will see a different side of Prince Daemon.

According to the book, rather than sending the crow to another house, Zacharis thought it better to speak directly to the Lord. Rhaenyra told Jakaris to go first to House Arryn next to House Mandalay and finally go north to meet the Lord of House Stark in Winterfell. Perhaps he knew that Winterfell would be instrumental in planning things.

Lucries, on the other hand, is sent to Storm’s End, where Rainera expects Boros to swear allegiance to Baratheon without resisting. Although Rhynyra thought it was safe to send her son to the Stormlands, she was unaware of Otto Hightower’s intentions and plans. Otto had told Emond to go to Storm’s End and try to win the hand of one of Lord Baratheon’s four daughters.

Amond and Lucerise can appear in Storm’s End at the same time. Aamond yearned for revenge and knew that young Luceris had no chance to stand before him. It will be interesting to see if the makers decide to pit the two princes against each other in Episode 10 of Dragon House.

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Otto and his men stand in front of Damon and his soldiers on the same bridge in Dragonstone where Rania used to come to collect dragon eggs from Damon’s hands. It was also during this time that Otto and Sir Christon Cole were present. This image appears to be a replica of what was shot in Episode 2 “The Dragon’s House”. Perhaps history will repeat itself, proving that fate gave Otto Hightower the chance to overthrow the authority of the demon Targaryens.

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